Author: Jenny Han | Genre: Romance Novel | Rating: 8.3 from 9870 fans | Publishing Progress: Finished
P.S I still Love You
P.S I still Love You

P.S I Still Love You


Written by: Jenny Han

Genre: Romance Novel

Publisher: AudioBox

Release Status: Finished

Sequel to “To all the boys that I’ve loved before”, ‘P.S. I still love you’ takes us deeper into Lara Jean’s life.

After the Coveys’ Christmas party, Lara is sure about her feelings for Peter. Prompted by her feelings she writes a love letter for Peter, for real this time, and intends to give it to him personally. She visits Peter’s house, hands him the letter, and hopes that it will give them a clean start. They decide to make it official and go on with the relationship.

Lara faces a few problems in school when she finds out that someone has put up a video of her and Peter making out in the hot tub online. But this time Peter comes to her rescue. Peter comes across the video at school and when the rumor that he and Lara were having sex in the hot tub, Peter gets really angry. He warns the anonymous poster to keep clear of Lara Jean.

Lara adheres to her sister’s advice and volunteers to help at Belleview retirement home through a scrapbooking class.

Lara receives a letter from John Ambrose McClaren to inform her that he had received a love letter written by her. Over the following days, they exchange some more letters and become pen pals.

Next, Lara learns that Stormy is John’s grandma when he comes to the retirement home to visit her. She eliminates him from the Assassins game and sets Peter as her next target. John decides to help her out.

Lara is upset to find that it was Genevieve who had posted that hot tub video online, and breaks up with Peter when she finds out that he knew all about it and was hanging out with Genevieve.

She finds out the reason for Peter’s spending time with Genevieve: she confided in him about her father’s affair with a younger woman.

Lara and Peter meet in the treehouse night before it is to be cut down and wishes for things to go normal, the way they were before all the things went down.

Peter takes her on her word and confesses his love for her.

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